Why Japan Is Freakin’ Awesome

B2813F2E-CEB9-49E1-AF30-67D94A6B42B8.jpegJapan is freaking awesome. It’s been my lifelong dream to come here and it did not disappoint. If I told you all of the reasons why I love Japan, you’d have to pull out a futon and get in your pajamas. So, for times’ sake, I’ll tell you something that I found extremely fascinating and wonderful. 

In America, if you dressed up like you were from a utopian universe where everyone was cracked out of their minds, I think it’s safe to say you’d be heavily judged. Here, it’s simply the way they’ve chosen to express themselves. In Tokyo, if you want to shave an image of Elmo on the back of your head, or dress like you’re about to do some really kinky shit the moment you turn the corner, no biggy! Feel like giving us Mary Poppins wing woman vibes? Go for it!

Where I’m from, saying we have freedom of expression is dropped almost as much as veganism and CrossFit. Yet, it seems like we have the freedom, but not the courage to do so in a society that is so quick to judge someone based on their appearance. It’s as though we’ve blocked ourselves from even letting our minds explore all of the possibilities because of our unconscious fear.

I saw a chick that looked like she came straight out of a sci-fi movie. I instantly questioned if I was cool enough to live in a place like Tokyo. The creativity and intent put behind their appearance comes across as an art form and expression of self, rather than an attempt to stand out for the sake of attention and/or brainwashed ideals alone.

Look, I’m not saying that everyone back home isn’t expressing themselves. (But if you’re triggered by what I’m saying you may want to look into that) I’m emphasizing the vast range of ingenuity and inspiration that Japan has. Many people elsewhere do express themselves the way they’d like, but maybe even they don’t know all of the other options they have that would suit them too.

I know half of the people that I see post on my Facebook newsfeed wish everyday was Halloween, so why are we not living like it is? If you’ve been dying to buy that BDSM looking necklace (guilty as charged) or give yourself a haircut that’s out of this world, go for it. Dress up, have fun, be you, and think big… If you want to that is.

Don’t assume the next time you see me I’ll be looking like I came out of a cosplay convention. I really don’t have the will or patience. I love Japan because it’s quirky, innovative, beautiful, culturally rich, has incredible food, and hands down the best people watching opportunities of anywhere I’ve ever been.

Basic Bitch With A Soul

photo-1483536840261-2e735ea460faBasic Bitch With A Soul. Has a ring to it, right? I’m certainly not a basic bitch, but as you may know, I’ve got plenty to say about everything, so I certainly can speak on behalf to this. Also, I wanted to write a blog post with that title because it sounded too good not to.

What does it mean to be a basic bitch with a soul? A basic bitch with a soul means they enjoy their mocha pumpkin frappe-whatever, or rock UGGS and a Northface fleece sweater even when they’ve got cuter options in their closet. However, they can get deep, and someone doesn’t have to pull teeth to get them to go beyond drama, gossip, appearances, and the next party they’re looking forward to. Their biggest life crisis wasn’t their crush hooking up with another person. They’ve been through shit, yet they still take a ridiculous amount of selfies, and an absurd amount of time looking at different filters. 

Lets be real, we’ve all known that one person (or 5) that we thought we could vibe with, but having a stimulating conversation with them was as easy as walking up an escalator, backwards, in Lady Gaga’s heels. You wouldn’t be in that predicament talking to a basic bitch with a soul. They’re personable and fun.

There is nothing wrong with being a basic bitch, not a basic bitch, or a basic bitch with a soul, so long as you’re not a strait up bitch. Everyone likes specific topics and interests, and certainly not everyone agrees that getting deep is their idea of a good time. That said, if you were wondering what a basic bitch with a soul was, now you know, and If that’s you, embrace that shit.