Dear Dream Man

pexels-photo-886615I’ve been attracting the “unavailable man”. Whether it be due to distance or not having a plan.

When they are unavailable it makes me feel safe. I feel less likely I can get hurt in that case.

It’s time for me to leave old stories in the past. Here’s a letter to my future man who will be such a blast. 

“Thank you for being such an incredible guy. Thank you for always kissing me when I say bye.

Thank you for not needing me to be or act a certain way. My existence is enough for you to enjoy every day.

Thank you for such unconditional love. Thank you for reaching things in shelves high above.

Thank for for knowing the right things to say. I’m happy you tell me you love me every day.

Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind. I’m glad you’re so attracted to me and my mind. (All those squats are totally worth it)

Thank you for making me laugh so much. Thank you for making me feel good every time we touch.

Thank you for consistently doing the right thing. Thank you for all of the happiness that you bring.

You’ve made my life oh so sweet. I look forward to the moment we actually meet. 

P.S. I like your face. “

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“Do it for the content.” Is a phrase that often comes to mind to give me that extra nudge, so I can open myself up to more. The more I push myself to learn and grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, the more I evolve into the best and most authentic expression of myself. Along with the internal growth, I’m left with a lot of great content to share with others to inspire them create their own content/internal growth. I call this “The Journey to Become More Zen As Fuck” because that is what my life will forever be. It’s a journey, and I want to find a way to have my experiences inspire people to take risks, love themselves, seek more out of life, and have some laughs along the way.

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