I’m packed with fear. I’m packed with fear that I’m not good enough. I’m packed with fear of being misunderstood. I’m packed with fear that I’ll never find love, or it will find me, but I’ll be blinded by my own beliefs that sabotage the outcome of a happily ever after. I’m packed with fear I’ll never love my own body. Fear of my body, the vehicle to my soul that I run through the mud time and time again, and it still shows up to perform as best it can. I’m packed with fear that I’ll be eaten by a great white shark.. Okay, being eaten by a shark may be a bit irrational. That being said, isn’t all fear irrational? Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. If all fear is false, what is real?

What’s real is that I’m packed with love for the eyes that reveal to me the miracles of the world. I’m packed with love for the color of them that mimic the ocean on a summer day. Love for the long lashes that surround my eyes that act like curtains to the window of my soul. I’m packed with love for the people and planet that are connected to me in more ways than I can explain. I’m packed with love for my emotions, even when I perceive myself as a little bitch for being so sensitive. I’m packed with love for the parts of me I still have difficulty accepting because I know I’m worthy of love in all ways. I’m packed with love for my ability to choose my responses. I’m packed with love for the knowledge I have about the world and who I am even though that voice in my head sometimes calls me a dumb ass. That voice isn’t real though. That voice is fear. False Evidence Appearing Real.
I’m packed with perfection, and you are too. Whether I’m aware of it or not, in every moment the true me is a different kind of FEAR.
Free, Eternal, Accepting and Real.
The question remains, what will I unpack today.

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“Do it for the content.” Is a phrase that often comes to mind to give me that extra nudge, so I can open myself up to more. The more I push myself to learn and grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, the more I evolve into the best and most authentic expression of myself. Along with the internal growth, I’m left with a lot of great content to share with others to inspire them create their own content/internal growth. I call this “The Journey to Become More Zen As Fuck” because that is what my life will forever be. It’s a journey, and I want to find a way to have my experiences inspire people to take risks, love themselves, seek more out of life, and have some laughs along the way.

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